American Guard

Shield shaped logo with a blue top and red and white striped bottom to evoke the US flag. A black image of a cannon is imposed over the blue and reads "come and take it." Over the stripes are two crossed butcher's cleavers.

The American Guard’s members seem to have no problem maintaining membership in both the avowedly white supremacist Vinlanders and the ostensibly ethnically-inclusive American Guard. And the American Guard’s Facebook page appears to have a strong predilection for posting news articles that portray racial minorities, immigrants and, particularly, Muslims, in a negative light. James says the articles are primarily about “Marxists” and “social justice warriors” – the favorite bogeymen of the far-right, where [founder Brien] James says the American Guard has drawn heavily for recruits.

Jordan Fischer, “Who are The American Guard: Patriotic nationalists, or skinheads in disguise?
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