on Nov. 7, 2021 CORR and Super Happy Fun America are holding a rally

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Meet the founder of CORR, David Steinhof

From The Fall River Herald News , Oct. 24, 2014

Court records show alleged pattern of domestic violence by state Rep. candidate Steinhof

  • Steinhof beat the family’s dogs with his fists “multiple times”
  • he threw cats across the room in front of her, their children and his staff
  • he threw her against a kitchen counter and slammed her into a door
  • as a spouse with a hair-trigger temper who frightened their two young daughters and sometimes abused the family’s pets
  • Steinhof has punched through doors and walls at his home and office, and that he repeatedly assaulted her, on one occasion ripping out her earrings
  • Steinhof’s wife said he punched and shattered the windshield of a car


Hear David Steinhof say:“we as Americans are obligated to defend our constitution, peacefully if we can, forcefully if we must.”

David Steinhof at a CORR event. The tee shirt says”Sometimes Violence Is The Answer”

John Hugo the President of Super Happy Fun America

“We need law and order,” he said, adding later, “This is a call to arms.” Boston Globe, Oct. 18, 2020

John Hugo’s plans for Nov. 7, 2021

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Mark Sahady founding member of Super Happy Fun America

David Neiwert, author of Alt America and a longtime observer of the US far right…described Sahady as a “street brawler” with “a history … of organizing violent events”.

Sahady in riot gear at a march

Sahady joined the Proud Boys in Portland Oregon and was photographed armed. His group Resist Marxism recruited for the rally that turned violent. The violence perpetuated by the Proud Boys and their followers was deemed a riot by the Portland police.
SPLC July 2018 Portland far-right rally once again quickly turns violent as march becomes a

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