Dianna Ploss

“The Christian European civilization is falling right before our eyes and you are ignoring it.” – Dianna Ploss

the background image shows Ploss (a middle-aged white woman) yelling. Text over the image says "Dianna Ploss: Where the Truth Hurts"
Logo from Dianna Ploss’s website

Dianna Ploss is a right-wing radio personality from Swampscott, MA. She ran for governor in 2022 on an independent platform of Christian nationalism. Her campaign included a “proud Holocaust denier” and a “minister of Third Reich Advocacy.” She also promotes conspiracy theories about 9/11 and pro-Hitler documentaries. She claims that many people including Charlie Baker and the MA Human Rights Commission are agents of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ploss lost her Nashua, NH, radio show time slot she paid for, in July 2020 after publicly berating a Spanish-speaking landscape crew to speak English. She has also been banned from Twitter and Facebook for racist speech. She organized weekly pro-Trump rallies in Swampscott in 2020 that regularly escalated to violence and racist speech. She then led anti-semitic and anti-vaccine actions elsewhere in Massachusetts.

Dianna Ploss is a proud, outspoken, bigot and antisemite. She paid for air time on a local radio station but was cancelled when a video she made of herself screaming at some workers to “speak English” went viral. She has a podcast with various other antisemites and conspiracy theorists. In July 2022 in a podcast Ploss interviewed Jim “The Minister of Hate” and Joe Rizoli, called by the Southern Poverty Law Center “two conspiracy-minded brothers have been leading a hateful crusade against Brazilian immigrants”. They are also Holocaust deniers and proud antisemites. The podcast is a weird, sophomoric  two hours of Ploss and her guests simply saying “The Jews did it” over and over again.  Ploss played a video by Monica Shaefer, a holocaust denier who, among other things, referred to concentration camp prisoners as being “well fed”. Ploss has encountered local Nazi Chris Hood on a few occasions and has suggested that she’d like to interview him. She has been arrested for attacking a BLM action and has had a restraining order taken out because of her attacks of a local anti-racism activist. She is antigovernment (because  she will assert it is run by “the Jews”) and a “prepper” people who are concerned about society’s collapse because of the New World Order. She encourages people to stock up on food and ammunition and home school their children. Despite her antigovernment position she ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2022 (as an independent). She has been an outspoken supporter of Trump and went to the Capitol on Jan. 6 in an effort to overturn the election. In 2022
Dianna Ploss ran for Governor of Massachusetts. Here are some of her stated political platform:

  • No speech should ever be off limits, including perceived “hate speech,” which is nonsense. Offend everyone.
  • The Tyrants in Our Government also plan to forcefully inject your children with the Biological Weapon known as the “Covid-19 vaccine.”
  • There are only two genders – male and female.
  • Protect your children by removing them from Public and Private Schools that push Common Core, CRT, Gender Nonsense, etc…
  • There are many subversive groups in Massachusetts undermining Our State and United States Constitutions, and Our Bill of Rights. These groups include, but are not limited to, Antifa, Black Lives Matter…
  • The 2020 Election was stolen from ‘We the People’ and from President Donald J. Trump.

In Oct. 2020 Ploss was arrested for an altercation at a Black Lives Matter action. See the video here.
Read about the altercation here: Woman arrested during Plymouth’s dueling political rallies, The Patriot Ledger

July 2020 Ploss garnered national attention when she filmed herself screaming at workers admonishing them to “speak English”and screaming “Is anybody here illegal?”

Below is a photo of Ploss and Chris Hood at the same event at the Mass. State House. Their paths have crossed before when Ploss visited an NSC action at the Brigham and Womens Hospital. Ploss said she would like to have Hood on her radio show.

Ploss attended the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Listen to Ploss advocate for shooting protesters. Below is a transcript from a conversation she had at a protest and click here to see the video:
Stranger: After Trump gets in, I wanna fight for laws where we can gun these idiots down when they act like fools because that’s our constitutional right of self defense.
Ploss: nodding in agreement “Yup, yup”
Stranger: I would have no problem doing that if it was legal, if it was lawful
Ploss: Well you know they’re doing that down in Florida, where the governor wants to make sure…
Stranger: Because why should we have to worry about going to jail for…
Ploss: Defending our family
Stranger: Because in reality, that’s what is going to come down to

Screenshots of posts from Ploss:

Screenshot of a Facebook comment asking, "Do you encourage your people to spit on others". Dianna Ploss responds, "If they're black, Mexican or blm yes"
Dianna Ploss telling her followers to spit on Black and Latine people
Collage of images showing protest imagery and text saying, "I survived the Holocaust Denial Holocaust!", "The Holocaust the oppressive boot at our neck", "Holocaust denial is either implicitly or explicitly a crime in 41 countries, including Germany and Austria"
Content from Ploss’s website defending her Holocaust denial
Movie poster showing wartime images and a face with prominent blue eyes. Text says, "'We defeated the wrong enemy.' - General George S Patton 1945. Victors write the history books. Europa: The Last Battle. What watchers have said on imdb: 'Perhaps the most important historical film of all time in understanding the world today.'"
Content from Ploss’s website advertising a neo-Nazi film that claims Jews created Communism and deliberately started WWII to establish Israel, provoking the Nazis who were only defending themselves.
A photo of a rally with a sign reading, "Stop North End Extortion". Around the picture, captions say, "Is Boston's historic North End the next target of the 'International Banking Cartel'? Agenda 2030. The Great Reset. Rothschilds, State Street, Blackrock, Vanguard
Content from Ploss’s website alleging that the North End is being targeted by the ‘International Banking Cartel’, an anti-Semitic dog whistle


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