Eddie Stuart

below is information about Eddie Stuart that appeared in twitter on Jan. 5, 2021


Eddie Stuart is from Chester New Hampshire. He is a student at Arizona State University and while back home he connects with NSC 131 here in New England.


NSC 131

Screenshot of post that reads: "Tomorrow, January 6th, MAGA chuds, Proud Boys, and white supremacists are planned to descend on Washington D.C. to contest the election. Among them will be NSC-131, a New England based neo-Nazi organization. Let's welcome them by saying hi to one of their members, Eddie Stuart!" 

Below the post are three photos. The lefthand photos shows a message from the NSC New England telegram account that reads: "The NSC of New England will be traveling...or to engage in illegal activities. Since th...men and women being senselessly beat....happening again. Nothing more or less. 

Contact us if you'd like to link up in D..." 

On the right are two photos, the top is of a man in sunglasses with a backpack on smiling. The bottom right photo is of a man who's face is covered with a black garment walking, with others behind them. @NSC131CREW is overlayed in the top left corner.
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "Edward Stuart, from Chester, New Hampshire, has been a member of Nationalist Social Club (NSC) since the very beginning and is a staple participant in their actions. He is known in NSC chats as "Carl Jung" and is well connected in the New England Nazi scene. 
Beneath the tweet are two photos. The top left is a screenshot of a profile that shows the username "Carl Jung, with a profile photo of Carl Jung. The bottom left shows men squatting with an NSC131 banner behind them. The top right shows two men in front of a graffiti wall, and the bottom right shows a photo of three men holding a banner that reads: "YOUR LOCAL HEROIN DEALER."
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "NSC-141 is a neo-Nazi group that was started in Massachusetts in early 2020 by Chris hood. You can learn more about NSC and it's members in these threads." 

The tweet links three previous tweets and shows one from June 9, 2020 that reads: "1/ Let's talk about the NSC-131, a neo-Nazi group connecting the Reopen protests to anti-Black Lives Matter vigilante posses. 

It's Chris Hood, formerly of the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and The Base.

Last week, they did security for Supper Happy Fun America at a Reopen rally." 

Below the tweet are two photos, one of a collage of photos with a caption that shows: "The NSC New England boys attended a reopen rally in Boston MA - they provided security and handed out flyers to fellow white New Englanders #131." The collage shows groups of men at the protest. 

The photo on the right is a screenshot of the flyer that reads: "WHITE MEN 



Below the script is the NSC 131 logo.
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist: "Eddie describes his ideology as "Esoteric Hitlerism" which is an occult form of Nazism that literally worships Adolf Hitler as a god, or, specifically, as an incarnation of the Hindu God Vichnu. Here is Ed holding the RigVeda with some of his occult Nazi pals. Interesting Ed!" 

Below the tweet are two photos, one of a screenshot of a message from user New Age Warlord that reads: The basics of Esoteric Arthurian Hitlerism 

Below the message is an image of a painting of a man with a sword covering his mouth. 

The photo on the right shows a group of men with skeleton face masks, some of which are kneeling. One man is highlighted with a red rectangle.
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "Much of this ideological insight was gained from Eddie's Twitter, where he originally used his "Carl Jung" persona and resposts explicit neo-fascist content and racist memes. In one edited picture, Eddie can be seen at an NSC event in late June 2020 holding a Nazi Sonnenrad flag." 

Underneath are two screenshots from twitter of Jung's profile page, along with a photo men at the protest, with Cameron Anthony, Chris Hood and Edward Stuart highlighted with a red box and their names labeled underneath.
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "Curiously enough Eddie comes from a well educated, upper class family in New Hampshire, and attended the prestigious Pinkerton Academy APinkerton_NH in Derry, New Hampshire. He graduated in 2018 and is shown in the PDF of 2018 commencement." 

Below the tweet is a photo of a Pinkerton Academy Commencement flyer from 2018. 

Below that photo is a second tweet that reads: "By all indications Eddie's upbringing and education was "progressive" in the standard sense, but it goes to show that there is no mold or archetype for neo-Nazis."
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "Nowadays, Eddie attends @ASU and is studing Chemistry and Anthropology. Coincidentally, when back in school this fall, Eddie hung out and shot guns with NSC's Southwest chapter, let by notorious neo-Nazi terror advocate Sean Kaufmann AKA "Boog Fuhrer"

Below the tweet is a screenshot of Edward Stewart's profile showing that he is a Student at Arizona State University. To the right is a photo of men standing with a RISE banner and an NSC131 banner with a confederate flag in the background. Edward Stuart is highlighted in a red rectangle. 

Underneath is a tweet from Gwen Snyder is uncivil that reads: "All that said, this individual here -- as others have already pointed out -- goes by Boog Fuhrer on Terror telegram. 

His real name is Sean Kauffmann, and he lives in the..."
To the left of the tweet is a photo of a man showing the middle finger to the camera.
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "While NSC's Southwest chapter is now defunct and inactive, the fact that Eddie was an active member in several chapters of an avowedly neo-Nazi group should be a huge concern to @ASU @statepress and a threat to Jewish students and students of color at ASU." 

The second tweet in the screenshot reads: "Eddie, make no mistake, is still active in NSC, and just this past weekend was seen hanging out with them before the hanging of a neo-Nazi banner in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is 20 minutes from Eddie's family home." 

Below the tweet are two photos, one of a group of men, their back to the camera, with an NSC 131 banner, Eddie Stuart and Zack Brackett are highlighted in a red rectangle. The photo to the right shows a banner dropped over a highway overpass.
Screenshot of tweet from Garfield but Anti-Fascist that reads: "On Eddie's non-Nazi social media accounts, we were able to trace his affiliation with NSC due to the fact that he had in his Facebook friends list, an anonymous NSC themed account belonging to NSC co-founder Zach Brackett. BTW nice New Order shirt Eddie." 

Below the tweet is a screenshot of Eddie Stuart's facebook page. 

Underneath the screenshot is a second tweet that reads: "To conclude, Eddie Stuart, from day one, was one of the most active members of the neo-Nazi group NSC. He continues to organize with them while a student at @ASU. Due to his extreme neo-Nazi beliefs, access to weapons, and connections to dangerous neo-Nazis, Eddie is a concern"