Jordan Hourani

below is information about Jordan Hourani that appeared in twitter on May 27, 2020


Jordan Hourani lives in Marlborough, MA. He is a software developer and supports Super Happy Fun America.


Super Happy Fun America

Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on May 27, 2020: "1/ Let's continue meeting the people behind the REOPEN MA protests, and examine their ties to the far-right. 

This is Jordan Hourani of Marlborough, MA. 

He works as a consultant at @CABEMTech. 

Hey, @CABEMTech -- do you support violent anti-gay groups linked with neo-Nazis?" 

Below the tweet is a selfie photo of Hourani. He is smiling next to a man in sunglasses wearing a sparkly Make America Great Again hat.
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on May 27 2020 that reads: "2/ For background, the Reopen protests in Massachusetts are jointly organized the REOPEN MA Facebook page and Super Happy Fun America, sponsors of the August 2019 Straight Pride Parade. 

The REOPEN MA page is being run by David Morrissey, a neo-Nazi biker." 

The tweet links to a previous tweet from 2020 about David Morrissey: "1/ The REOPEN MA group is run by a Neo-Nazi biker. Meet David C. Morrissey, owner of DCM Sheet Metal, Inc., in Danvers, MA, and member of the Red Devils MC North Shore, a support club for the Hells Angels. 

Note the Nazi Tattoos." 
Below the tweet are four photos, two of Morrissey, one of his facebook profile, and one image showing the Celtic Cross in detail.
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on May 27, 2020: "3/ Super Happy Fun America are longtime far-right organizers in New England. 

Last year, as "Resist Marxism," they planned a violent attack on leftist protesters in Providence. 

After the chats were leaked, the press was so bad that they rebranded." 

Below the tweet is a link to a Huffington Post article titled: "EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Proud Boys Chats Show Members Plotting Viole...
The extremist gang claimst is just a pro-Trump "drinking club." But chat logs leaked to HuffPost reveal they plan weaponry and tactics.."
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on Mary 27, 2020: "4/ For more on the rebranding of Resist Marxism into Super Happy Fun America, see this @DavidNeiwert piece from last year."
The tweet links the news article from the Daily Kos, with a photo of men in black helmets or Make America Great Again hats. The title of the article reads: "That 'Straight Pride' parade in Boston is just a pack of neo-fascist br...
To read the regular press accounts (as in, say, The Washington Post or The Boston Globe) about the upcoming "Straight Pride" parade...."
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon from May 27, 2020: "5/ Hourani's involvement with Super Happy Fun America dates back to the Straight Pride Parade in August 2019, where he dressed as a dinosaur to march with the group." 

Below the tweet are two photos. On the left is a photo of a Trump 2020 Make America Great campaign flag, with the dinosaur costume in its box next to the flag. On the right is a screenshot of a post from Jordan Hourani on January 18 that says: "Her: Trump supporters swipe left! 
Me: Eh, idk I'm pretty much middle of the road...
Also me:" 
Beneath the text are two photos of Hourani in a dinosaur costume holding a TRUMP campaign flag decorated in the American Flag colors as he marches.
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on May 27, 2020 that says: "6/ Hourani also posed for a selfie with Straight Pride Grand Marshall Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Yiannopoulos recently issued an "America First' Reading List." The list includes Revolt Against the Modern World, by self-described "super fascist" Julius Evola." 

Beneath the tweet is a selfie photo of Hourani. He is smiling next to a man in sunglasses wearing a sparkly Make America Great Again hat. 

Beneath the photo is another tweet screenshot: "7/ Yiannopoulos' reading list also included antisemitic forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," long used to justify antisemitic violence." 
The tweet links another tweet from Heresy Labs on May 5 2020: "Milo Yiannopoulos & Michelle Malkin made an 'America First' reading list full of Nazis and anti-Semites, including Hitler's Mein Kampf, The Turner Diaries, Julius Evola, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion...etc. which was posted on the Proud Boys Telegram."
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on May 27, 2020: "8/ Hourani's own politics match those of Super Happy Fun America, ranging from anti-trans to open conspiracy theory about the World Health Organization." 

Below the tweet are two screenshots of posts from Jordan Hourani's Facebook. The first is a photo of a tweet from Ben Shapiro in response to Joe Biden, who had tweeted that "We need a president who believes in science." Shapiro responded: "I will consider your candidacy if you explain the science behind your opinion that a biological man can be a woman, and your party's position that a baby in the ninth month of pregnancy is a mere cluster of cells." 
The photo on the write is a screenshot of a post from Jordan Hourani that reads: "The WHO is a joke, the UN is a joke and this utopian idea that we're all one big happy global community is a JOLE. The US should always put ourselves and our interests above those of every other country and I think it's fait to say that organizations like the WHO and the UN regularly work to undermine US global power and influence. Sorry but we're not going to have a bunch of pro-communist jackasses making defense policy or any other type of policy for us." The post was in response to the headline from CNN.COM: "US blocks UN resolution on coronavirus ceasefire after China pushes WHO mention."
Screenshot of a tweet from AntiFash Gordon that reads: "9/ On Twitter, Hourani follows far-right figures like Stefan Molyneux, banned from PayPal last year for promoting antisemitism, and Brittany Pettibone. 

Pettibone is engaged to far-right leader Martin Sellner, a far-right leader who corresponded with the Christchurch shooter." 

Below the tweet are two photos, the photo on the left shows Jordan Hourani's follower list, including Brittany Sellner and Stefan Molyneux. The photo on the right shows a headline that reads: "Far-Right Leader Martin Sellner Emailed Mosque Shooter Months Before Massacre." with a close-up photo of Martin Sellner's face underneath.
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon on May 27, 2020 that reads: "10/ Super Happy Fun America has always been involved with Nazis. 

At the Straight Pride Parade, the man who carried their t-shirt banner was Anthony Petruccelli, a longtime neo-Nazi with ties to the National Socialist Movement and The Base."

The tweet links to a different tweet from AntiFash Gordon from March 26, 2020 that reads: "1/ Timothy Wilson, a member of the National Socialist Movement, tried to bomb a hospital yesterday. 

Last night, Anthony Petruccelli, who sold t-shirts and carried a banner for Super Happy Fun America's Straight Pride Parade, was celebrating him, calling him a "Solid Brother." 

The tweet include screenshots of photos underneath, they are blurry, but include a headline screenshot, as well as two group photos, with a red circle around the center of the photo on the bottom left, highlighting Anthony Petrucelli.
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon from May 27, 2020: "11/ Houranis' recently been involved with staging the Reopen MA protests. 

In this phoeo from the 5/4 Reopen protest, he's seen with Reopen organizer Brandon Navom, carrying equipment to set up the event."

In the mentioned photo, which is underneath the tweet, Navom is in a white t-shirt, carrying a tote bag in each hand, he has a white baseball cap on and a contraption hanging from his neck. Hourani's to his right, carrying a grey box and a banner, he is wearing a dark grey shirt and a Make America Great Again hat with sunglasses perched on the rim.
Screenshot of tweet from AntiFash Gordon, May 27, 2020: "12/ Here's Hourani meeting with other 5/4 Reopen organizers prior to the start of the event. 

The man in the black hat is Brandon Sullivan, who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters in DC last year." 

Below the tweet is a photo of Hourani leaning against a black pickup truck, looking down at his phone. He is wearing a Make America Great Again Hat with sunglasses perched on top, and a grey t-shirt with undistinguishable writing on it. There is a Trump 2020 Keep America Great flag poking out of the truck's back window, and two people are standing to Hourani's left, and one is moving towards the car on his right. 

Below the photo is a tweet linked from AntiFash Gordon from July 16, 2019 that reads: "THREAD: A previously unidentified man at the 7/6 Rally for Free Speech in DC threatened BLM protesters and punched an antifascist. 

His name is Brandon Sullivan, of Arlington, MA and h..."
Photo of a group of people standing with various flags in a crowd. Hourani is circled, he is wearing a red baseball cap and a grey shirt. A Straight Pride Flag is behind him.