Kenny Lizardo

Below is information about Kenny Lizardo that appeared on Twitter on Aug. 27, 2019

Screenshot of a facebook post from Kenny Lizardo that reads: "Fuck you Antifa you better come deep to fuck with MFs I guarantee you it will be the words day of your motherfuckin lives oh and just to let you know I am a 4th degree so come get some baby." 

Beneath is a photo of Kenny, cropped, he is looking at the camera, with a slight smile.
The Proud Boys have levels of recognition that include:
1. Publicly declaring yourself a Proud Boy.
2. Being beat up by other members until you name five kinds of breakfast cereal. This degree also includes a vow to stop masturbating. 
3. Getting a Proud Boy tattoo.
4. Engaging in physical violence  – McInnes the founder of the Proud Boys has waffled somewhat about this level. It is explained as (1) a level achieved when you engage in a fight for the cause and (2) an honorary level for “service”.