Leonard Hull Jr.

Leonard Hull Jr., an elderly white man with gray hair, glasses, and a white sweater, speaks into a microphone. He is standing in front of the CORR flag which is hanging on the wall.
Hull speaking at a CORR meeting.

Leonard (“Lenny”) Hull Jr. is Chairman of the Dighton, MA, Board of Selectmen (Dighton, Massachusetts, n.d.). He served as a member of the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School Committee for 16 years and worked as a social studies teacher in the Taunton Public Schools for 30 years. Hull is associated with Citizens Organized to Restore Rights (CORR), a New England Christofascist/Christian nationalist formation committed to organizing various unaffiliated groups to support extremist candidates for local seats of government.

In September 2022, the Taunton Daily Gazette published an article about Hull’s ties to CORR. In the article Hull denies being an official member (Schemer, 2022). Yet at a CORR meeting in February 2022, CORR founder David Steinhof said, “Lenny’s been with us from the beginning. We watched him rise [and] win office after a lot of hard work… And we want our CORR members to keep working even harder to help somebody like Lenny…” (CORR, 2022, February 21).

At a CORR meeting in September 2022, Hull said, “I attended the Taunton Republican Town Committee meeting this evening, and the main speaker was Aidan, a.k.a. Turtleboy. And I listened to him talk about how the left has tried to drive him out of the media. How GoFundMe has banned him. How Twitter has banned him. How he’s had to change his Facebook page multiple times because they’re trying to put him out of business because he is a threat. I come before you this evening as a marked man. And as you’re about to hear, there are many people who are members of CORR who have been called out… Why, you ask? Because we belong to CORR. I will not hide from my affiliation with CORR.” (CORR, 2022, September 12) Aidan Kearney, who Hull defends in this quote, is behind Turtleboy Daily News, a notorious Far Right doxxing blog that drives its followers to harass people online and in person. 

At a CORR meeting in March 2022, Hull decried “CRT, and what those liberal Democrats will do to your educational systems, if you allow it to happen” (CORR, 2022, March 7). In other words, he opposes schools teaching students about race and racism.


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