Liam MacNeil


Liam lives in Waltham and attends UMass Lowell. He has been a member of NSC 131 since 2020 and actively recruits for them.

Photo of Liam MacNeil that is a close up of his face, he is in a black t-shirt and baseball cap.

Hear Liam MacNeil in his own words tell us who he is and what he believes in, watch the videos below:

MacNeil is speaking with Chris Hood about the white supremacist “Free Speech” rally in Boston 2017. MacNeil explains that he specifically went there to meet fascists and network.
Here MacNeil describes NSC as being like a frat, only racist.
Screenshot of MacNeil on a video call giving the Nazi salute. He is with two other men, and they are all wearing clothes with the NSC 131 logo, and have an NSC 131 flag behind them. The person they are video-chatting with is wearing over the ear headphones and is smiling as he does the salute.
MacNeil gives the Nazi salute

MacNeil (Amerikan Werewolf) brags about his racist and antisemitic graffiti

Screenshot of message from user Amerikan Werewolf. The message includes a photo of two men, their faces blacked out, squatting and showing the OK hand signal. Underneath the photo the message reads: "Have stencils for some designs, just saw a giant black circle in a spic tag walking by." Chris Hood and Liam MacNeil are each highlighted with a red box and their names labeled underneath.
MacNeil is giving the OK hand signal, considered a symbol of hate and used by white supremacists.
Screenshot of message from user Amerikan Werewolf that includes a photo of the sonnenrad symbol, and a message that reads: "Turned some gang tag into a black sun."
The “black sun” MacNeil is referring to is the sonnenrad, an ancient symbol appropriated by the Nazis.
Screenshot of message from user Amerikan Werewolf that shows a photo of a graffiti wall with the letters ZOG in red. The word Nazis is crossed out above the letters.
ZOG is a white supremacist acronym for “Zionist Occupied Government,” referring to the white supremacist belief that the U.S. government is controlled by Jews.

Photo of two people standing by a wall with graffiti on it. The graffiti reads: Join antifa. Antifa is crossed out
Photo of three people crouching underneath a graffiti wall with 1488 and NSC 131 on it. They are wearing skeleton masks/helmets. Behind them a person, also masked, is doing the Nazi salute.
Notice the following in the image above: 1488 is a combination of two popular white supremacist numeric symbols. 14 refers to the slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” 88 stands for “Heil Hitler” (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet). The OK hand gesture, the Hitler salute, NSC 131
Screenshot of message from user 131 guy forwarding a message from user Amerikan Werewolf that shows a photo of a page with three columns. The outside columns are QR codes, blocked off in red. The middle column shows a column of Hitler's side-profile with the words THINK DIFFERENT underneath.

NSC 131 ideology in pictures:
Collage of photos of the Nationalist Social Club. Titled "NSC - New England" with the "S" the "SS" Nazi bolt. Collage includes NSC logo and people at various rallies.
Images from National Socialist Club (NSC) events

Students at UMass Lowell feel unsafe and have protested the continued presence of MacNeil on campus. 43% of the student population do not identify as white and rightfully feel unsafe with him recruiting on campus. We do not have data on the Jewish population on campus. Below are 2 articles about UMass Lowell and MacNeil. It is unclear why the Lowell Sun calls MacNeil an alleged Nazi since he is quite outspoken about being one. Read this article about MacNeil outing himself.

Screenshot of messages from user Chungus Man replying to a message from user BOVICE that says: "go to an mma gym" 
Chungus Man responded: Ive boxed and wrestled 5 years, its expensive and im better of training others than doing amateur fights in covid getting even more brain damage"

The next message Chungus Man links the NSC 131 telegram saying: "These are my boys."
MacNeil, called Chungus Man, recruiting on Telegram
Screenshot of message exchange: 

"The 10th Nazgul: Nsc is ran by an informant 

Amerikan Werewolf: Bro its mostly 20 year olds im in it 

Matthew: idk man 

i think people should de centralize but eh 

Amerikan Werewolf: We do banner drops and hangout"
Here he explains that they hangout.
Screenshot of message exchange: 

"Amerikan Werewolf: Im a boston boi

Kaiser Karl: Ahh. So a large city, just as bad

Amerikan Werewolf: Was in dc with the group nsc"
MacNeil admits he was in DC on Jan. 6, 2021

NSC in the news: