May 4, 2020 Liberty Rally at the State House sponsored by Super Happy Fun America

Photo of a man with muttonchops in sunglasses and black 3 percenter baseball hat. Logo is pointed out with red circle. Appears to be behind a Gadsden flag.
III follower at rally
Beared man in a black baseball hat an suglasses in a crowd. Leather jacket has a Nazi eagle emblem pin on it, highlighted by a red circle.
Nazi insignia
Bald man with leather biker vest at a rally. Man has many tattoos and red circles point out a Nazi "SS" bolt neck tattoo and the white supremacist version of the rounded Celtic cross on his left elbow.
White power tattoo and Nazi tattoo
Man with mustache and classes raises fist at a rally. White shirt has a US flag an dreads "White American Deplorable"
Photo of large black truck with crane. Crowd in red with US flags raise their fists at in in the background. Truck is coerd in Trump signs including a cutout of Trump, "Build the Wall," "Trump 2020" "Women for Trump," "All Lives Matter," and thin blue line flags.
anti-immigrant and anti-BLM
Racist mascot
Brandon Navom holding straight pride flag