Mike Moura

Moura 2020
Michael Moura in a hoodie and backwards baseball hat makes the "okay" hand gesture. Appears to be in a function hall or restaurant and posing with another man in a leather jacket who is mostly off camera.
Moura gives the OK sign, common among white supremacists.
Photograph of man in sunglasses, a Nationalist Social Club shirt, and with a Go Pro strapped to his chest facing the camera and 3 men dressed in black facing away. Man facing the camera is labelled Chris Hood and other 3 are labelled, left to right, Anthony Petruccelli, Cameron Anthony, and Michael Moura. Petruccelli wears a shirt that reads "Nationalist Social Club" next to what looks like a North Face logo. Police barricades and a crowd are in the background.
June 2020 Moura joined the Nationalist Social Club in Boston
Blurry group photo of 5 white men, mostly dressed in black, at night. Two making the "okay" hand gesture. One has a shirt that reads "white pride world wide" and another in a skull shirt that appears to read "Patriot Front"
From Patriot Front banner drop in Conn. Oct. 2019. A banner drop is when a group hangs a large banner from a public space like on a bridge over a highway. With Sarah Flynn (left, red shirt) and Anthony Petruccelli (2nd right, arm around Moura, White Pride tee shirt), both of the National Socialist Movement. Petruccelli also has ties to neo-Nazi group The Base.
Photo of a man with short cropped greying hair taking a selfie on a sidewalk with 4 other men in the background. All dressed in black with "security" shirts on
Left to right (back row), Brandon Sullivan; Chad Hidler (President of the Patriot Saints, a splinter cell of hate group the Soldiers of Odin); Michael Moura (Resist Marxism); Kenny Lizardo (Proud Boys); and in the front is Danny Gilbertson (Patriot Saints). 

Screenshots of posts from Moura:

Screenshot of a tweet by Michael Moura @_LilMike93_, image in tweet features Moura and "@BasedStickman" flexing. Both in red MAGA hats and Moura hold a flag. Text of tweet reads "it's going to be great to be able to stand next to @BasedStickMan_ again on November 18th #R4TR
Moura with white nationalist Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. Chapman formed a group called FOAK in 2017. “Formed as the “tactical defense arm” of the Proud Boys, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK) has become an accelerant for violence at right-wing rallies.” SPLC

Media about Moura:

Alleged neo-Nazi from Stoughton charged in FBI gun sting By adamg on Fri, 04/30/2021 – 11:38am