Patriot Front

Patriot Front members are also told that raping women is acceptable, “as long as you’re raping, like, people in your own race” and describe how in their ideal society, “ethnostate rape gangs” would be allowed to freely target unmarried white women who did not adhere to “traditional values.”

Unicorn Riot, “‘We’re Americans, And We’re Fascists’: Inside Patriot Front

Relevance to New England Landscape:

  • Chris Hood, leader of Nationalist Social Club – NSC 131, was originally a member of Patriot Front and spun off after internal conflicts.
  • Evidence suggests that at least some members are jointly involved in Patriot Front and NSC.
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New England Known Members/Affiliates:
  • Chris Hood (former member)
  • Matthias Thorpe
  • Sal Munafo
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