Chris Hood

Closeup of Hood's face
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In high school Hood started a III% group. After that, he joined the Northeast USA Proud Boys in 2017 and served as admin for their facebook group. He then joined the Patriot Front and attended a number of Resist Marxism actions. In January 2019, Hood took a group of six masked Patriot Front members to post neo-Nazi flyers around a working class, Latinx neighborhood in Boston. Three of them were arrested for weapons possession.  The posters said:  “Keep America American. Report any and all illegal aliens. They are not immigrants, they are criminals.” 

After getting thrown out of Patriot Front (for stealing money from them) Hood joined The Base, a  neo-Nazi accelerationist group. He posted stickers for them like he did in East Boston. In January 2020, three members of The Base were arrested in Georgia for planning the murder of a couple that they believed to be antifascist activists. Hood left The Base and founded the Nationalist Social Club.

“Asked about the terms used to describe his group — racist, white supremacist, and Nazi — Hood said at one point, “If anyone calls me them, I don’t tell them they’re wrong.” … when asked if he considered himself to be racist, he answered, “Sure.” “Boston Globe, July 14, 2020

Photo of Chris Hood at a rally wearing mirrored orange sunglasses and wearing a black NSC t-shirt
Hood in a Nazi shirt, at a Nazi rally
Posting from Hood doing Nazi salute next to anti-semitic graffiti
NSC 131 ideology in pictures:
Collage of photos of the Nationalist Social Club. Titled "NSC - New England" with the "S" the "SS" Nazi bolt. Collage includes NSC logo and people at various rallies.
Images from National Socialist Club (NSC) events, with which Hood is involved
Post by "NSC - NE" @socialclub131 on August 27, reading "A Jewish pedophile, what're the odds?" Then a link which is cut off but starts ""
Anti-semitic posts from NSC’s social media accounts
Post from "NSC - NE" @socialclub131 on August 27 reading "White Man! Act like you own the place, because you do!"
White supremacist exhortation from NSC’s social media accounts

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