John Hugo

Close up photo of John Hugo, bald with grey beard in sports coat and blue tie.
John Hugo


  • President – Super Happy Fun America (rebranded from Resist Marxism)
  • Hugo ran for election to the U.S. House of representatives as a republican. He lost in the general election on November 6, 2018. He describes himself as a nationalist.

Screenshot of Facebook post from July 7, 2019 by John Hugo who tags Brandon Navom. Image is of Hugo, Navom, and Gavin McInnes holding up a "straight pride" flag. Text of post reads "Gavin McInnes shows his support for our Straight Pride Parade.
John Hugo and Gavin McGinnis, who is the founder of the Proud Boys.
“I cannot recommend violence enough. It’s a really effective way to solve problems.” – G. McInnis 2/2017
In 2002, when a New York Press reporter asked McInnes what he thought about his neighbors in New York’s Williamsburg neighborhood, he responded, “Well, at least they’re not [n******] or Puerto Ricans. At least they’re white.” 

In the photos below notice the white supremacist, anti-immigrant signs/shirts. There are several nazis with neck and arm tattoos, nazi pins, confederate flags and militia logos.

Screenshot of Facebook post by John Hugo reading "Patriotic Americans as far as the eye could see." Post has 8 likes and/or hearts.
Who are the people Hugo calls patriotic Americans?

Screenshots of posts from Hugo:

Screenshot of Facebook post by John Hugo. Image in post is of Hugo in camo jacket between militantly dressed young people in black, one with what appears to be a shotgun. Trio is on a sidewalk in front of a sign for Murphy's Diner. Text in post is from June 3, 2020 and reads "Joined a militia group last night in Manchester NH to prevent Antifa and BLM from burning the city down. It was a culture shock to see our heavily armed group getting the thumbs up from the cops who were openly supporting to protect the city. In Massachusetts the would have called S.W.A.T. The good news is that the leftist rioters were completely overwhelmed by tha combination of the police and armed citizenry. This is the way it should be. We won the day."
Hugo supports (white) armed citizens patrolling the streets.
Screenshot of Facebook comment by John Hugo. Text reads "George Soros funds both Black Lives Matter and Antifa. His goal is a communist America."
Spewing the anti-semitic conspiracy theory about George Soros
Hugo on race:
Screenshot of Facebook comment posted by John Hugo reading "That's what's so stupid. We had all the minorities on our side they had like 300 white people and 6 black people. Most of them looked they were on hard drugs." Comment has 4 likes.
Screenshot of Facebook post by John Hugo on October 24, 2018. Text of post reads "Great tee shirt!" Image in post is of a tee shirt design that reads "All lives matter, women already have rights, illegal aliens are not immigrants, fake news does exist, we're all guilty of 'locker room talk,' there are only 2 genders, ban commies not guns, I will vote for him again."

Role At Key Events:

At a rally organized by Super Happy Fun America against democrat violence:

John Hugo, the tricorn hat-wearing organizer of Sunday’s rally, told his group they had gathered to “push back against the violence that is engulfing this country.”

He also rattled off a list of figures he called “enemies,” including the news media, Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins, social media companies, and liberal donor and philanthropist George Soros.

“We need law and order,” he said, adding later, “This is a call to arms.”

Boston Globe, Oct. 18, 2020

Hugo organized a car rally in April 2020:

In these photos notice the Build the Wall anti immigrant sign as well as the Betsy Ross flag. The flag has been adopted by extremist groups.  The KKK started using the Betsy Ross flag in 2017.

The Gadsden Flag (“Don’t tread on me”) has a complicated history. While not overtly racist, it was explained this way by Tim Libretti “When white supremacists wave the flag, we need to see the racist contradictions informing their definitions of freedom. They aren’t really saying “Don’t Tread on Me,” they are saying give them the right to tread on others violently and fatally, to deprive others of their constitutional rights.” In Yes, Please Don’t Tread on Us: Racist Contradictions Informing American “Freedom” June 9, 2020 Medium