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Face-on picture of Sahady
Image of Mark Sahady

David Neiwert, author of Alt America and a longtime observer of the US far right…described Sahady as a “street brawler” with “a history … of organizing violent events”.

Straight pride’ parade organizer has held and attended far-right events, The Guardian, Jason Wilson, Saturday the 8th, June 2019 

Sahady is the founder of Boston Resist Marxism, rebranded as Super Happy Fun America. He works in IT and his last known residence is in Malden, MA where he lives with his mother.

Mark Sahady posing outside with another man. Mark wears a white American flag baseball cap and sunglasses and is smiling. His right hand is held up in a fist. The other man wears a blue American flag baseball cap and sunglasses and holds his hand up in the okay sign.
Mark Sahady at the Free Speech rally (May 2017). The man next to him is using the 3% symbol
Sahady speaking to a group of white men outside at a march
Mark Sahady hosted a Resist Marxism “debate” on immigration in December 2019. He used Patriot Front, a neo-Nazi organization for security. Here’s Sahady with Chris Hood (tan hat), who was the head of the Massachusetts Patriot Front cell at the time. Today (2020) Hood is a spokesman for the Nationalist Social Club (NSC). Political Research Associates said NSC “embraces anti-Black racism and are deeply anti-Semitic”. In response to an upsurge of activity by the Nationalist Social Club the Boston area, the Globe ran an article about Hood describing him as part of “A fairly devout group of Neo-Nazis.” and saying, “Local white supremacist group has been active in recent weeks” – Danny McDonald, Globe Staff, Updated July 14, 2020
Photo of a gathering of people in a park. Two white people in foreground, one in helmet and face mask, hold up a banner with United States flag and the text "Resist Marxism,"
Mark Sahady and John Camden are friends. John Camden is President of the New Hampshire American Guard. Camden has a neo-Nazi Wolfsangel tattooed on his neck
Sahady in riot gear at a march
Sahady joined the Proud Boys in Portland Oregon and was photographed armed. His group Resist Marxism recruited for the rally that turned violent. The violence perpetuated by the Proud Boys and their followers was deemed a riot by the Portland police.
SPLC July 2018 Portland far-right rally once again quickly turns violent as march becomes a

Screenshots of posts from Sahady:

Collage of Mark Sahady's Pinochet memes on Facebook, includes text like "Not being a Marxist is not enough, we must be anti-marxist" and "Pinochet's helicopter tours, communists ride free."
Free helicopter rides refers to the practice of the Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet whose
military would throw dissidents out of helicopters. It is also associated with the Argentinian
Dirty War (1976 – 1983) when the military executed or “disappeared” over 10,000 citizens. It is
a meme favored by the alt-right.
Three facebook posts by Mark Sahady. The first is undated and has a purple background with white text that reads, "ALL LIVES MATTER." A commenter Hont Honkington writes "WRONG!" and Mark Sahady responds "They matter until they become communists. Then they aren't really lives any more." The second and third posts are the same. It's from June 11. On a purple patterned background, black text reads, "Blockade Antifa's new nation in Seattle, let them die of starvation, remove the dead bodies, and then reclaim the land for America." A commenter called Jeremy Wood writes "Drone strike" and a commenter Paul McGillicuddy writes "Putting George Floyd in a gold plated casket is like putting a tuxedo on a garbage can." Mark Sahady liked that comment.
Mark Sahady displays his ideas about humanity here in these images from his facebook feed.
Notice the post from Paul McGillicuddy that Sahady liked.
Screenshot of a facebook post by Mark Sahady, reading: "Heavy did an article about me. It should be pointed out that while I support the Proud Boys and publicly defend them, I am not a Proud Boy."

Click here to learn what the SPLC says about the Proud Boys

Role At Key Events:

  • August 31, 2019: Organizer of Boston Straight Pride Parade 2019
  • January 19, 2019: Attacked attendees at Boston Women’s March
    • Video captures Sahady attacking a trans woman
  • October 6, 2018: Organized the Providence Freedom Rally
    • Used Proud Boys for “security”. The Proud Boys crossed the police line to attack anti-fascists
  • March 24, 2018: Organized a counter protest against March for our Lives
  • [date unknown]: Sahady’s collection of firearms confiscated by Malden police after he neglected to maintain his license to carry. The police refused to renew his license calling him “unsuitable”