Samson Racioppi

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Samson Racioppi

Samson Racioppi is a leader of Super Happy Fun America and a founding member of Citizens Organized to Restore Rights (CORR) North, the chapter of CORR based in Peabody, MA. Racioppi is a recent graduate of New England Law | Boston and lives in Salisbury, MA. In 2022, he ran unsuccessfully in the Republican primary for the Massachusetts House of Representatives 1st Essex District (Fieldman, 2022).

Racioppi has been an organizer with the antisemitic group Resist Marxism since they were founded in the Fall of 2017 by Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman. He attended Resist Marxism’s August 4, 2018, rally in Providence, where he tackled a protester (Uprise RI, 2018). After Heather Heyer was murdered by a white supremacist in Charlottesville, Resist Marxism rebranded itself as Super Happy Fun America, and Racioppi signed on as an organizer of the Straight Pride parade in 2019 (Adams, 2020).

Racioppi served as the chair of the Board of Directors of MassCann, an organization that advocates for cannabis law reform, until July 2020 when, following a large public pressure campaign, he was forced by the rest of the board to resign. The public pressure campaign started after Racioppi organized SHFA’s “Restore Sanity” rally, where members of the Nationalist Social Club displayed a Nazi flag (Adams, 2020).

In 2021, Racioppi attended and helped organize buses to the January 6th Capitol Riot in Washington, DC. He has since described the day as “incredible” (Fortier, 2022).

In October 2022, Racioppi attended the “Men’s March to Abolish Abortion” in Boston, MA.

Racioppi with Mark Sahady and Jordan Hourani
Samson Racioppi with Mark Sahady and Jordan Hourani, two other white supremacists.
samson at a Resist Marxism action attempting to disrupt the Cambridge Women's march in 2018, he displays the ok sign surrounded by other people holding other white supremacist symbols
1.     Unknown, Boston Free Speech flag
2.     Michael Costs (aka Red Pill Dragon, Groyper Dragon), the OK symbol – affiliation Proud Boys 
3.     Ylva Morrigan – affiliation III%
4.     Matt Smaller – affiliation Patriot Front
5.     Mathias Thorpe – affiliation Anti-Communist Action (Anticom) and Patriot Front
6.     Samson Racioppi – affiliation Resist Marxism/Super Happy Fun America
7.     Garrett Kirkland – affiliation Resist Marxism and OK symbol
8.     Mike Moura – affiliation Resist Marxism and Nationalist Social Club
9.     Lily Marsden
10.  Michael Pallazola – affiliation Resist Marxism
11.  MJ Coombes – affiliation Resist Marxism
12.  Unknown, Betsy Ross flag. The flag has been adopted by extremist groups, such as the KKK in 2017.
Photo of 6 men including John Camden and John Hugo. Man in front is flipping off camera.
With John Camden, John Hugo, Mark Sahady and Robert Giarrizzo

Screenshots of posts from Racioppi:

Facebook post by Samson Racioppi supporting Kyle Rittenhouse. Text reads "This Monday, at noon! On August 23rd, Kyle Rittenhouse traveled to a nearby city to assist friends with securing private businesses during a period of civil unrest. In an unfortunate turn of events, he was forced to defend his life with an AR-15. He was arrested and charged in connection with that incident. Millions of people have watchd the videos, and it is clear: Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong, and does not deserve to be locked up for his actions. Our peaceful rally is in support of Kyle, and we demand his release. The event is sponsored by the NH American Guard."
Post by Samson Racioppi which reads "You probably watched zero videos of what actually occurred. Not sure what happened Kristen--I thought you were an objective person willing to see multiple sides. Seems you've picked a side and are entrenched in defending it. Very disappointing. Kyle did nothing wrong."
Kyle Rittenhouse shot 2 people protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin on Aug. 25, 2020. Racioppi actively defended and supported Rittenhouse on social media.
Text of Facebook thread with Samson Racioppi supporting American Guard. Text: Ryan Emma posts article titled "Behind the American Guard: Hardcore White Supremacists" Racioppi responds: Fake news. ADL promotes an agenda that includes demonizing anyone who defends American values. I've spoke to numerous members of the AG including Brien James. They are definitely not a white supremacist group. Mark Sahady replies Ryan Emma, how many white supremacist groups do you know of that have members of other races? Did you read their charter? Ryan Emma responds: John Camden literally has a neonazi neck tattoo.
The American Guard is a white supremacist organization. Racioppi actively defended and supported the American Guard online. “Brien James was among the founders of the Vinlanders Social Club in 2003, after being a member of the Outlaw Hammerskins and helping to form the Hoosier State Skinheads.” Click here to read more.
Screenshot of Facebook post of "People who like AG 17 Rhode Island" which shows Samson Racioppi, Agile Kat (Mendoza),William James, Josh Cameron, and Shaun Perez
This is a photo of Facebook likes of the Rhode Island American Guard, showing Racioppi’s support.
Included among the folks that liked the page is Agile Kat AKA Kat Snyder, one of the organizers of a Unite the Right 2 rally, which took place after the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally where Heather Heyer was murdered by a white supremacist.
Screenshot of facebook post by Samson Racioppi on February 12th which shows a squid whose tentacles are photoshopped to be a hand making the okay sign.
The OK hand signal was appropriated by white supremacists in 2017. Originally used as a hoax to troll the left, the gesture caught on among the right as a symbol of white power. The gesture must be understood in context, and in this case, Racioppi’s feed, it is clear.

Racioppi and the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition and New England Law:

July 1, 2020: Racioppi was removed from the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition due to his involvement with white supremacist groups. Click here for the full letter from the MASSCANN Board; highlights are below:

While MassCann respects free speech and rights of affiliation, the values of those involved with the protest in Boston on Saturday were diametrically opposed to what the Board felt to be the standing mission of the organization. … MassCann, and its Board, wish to make clear that there will be zero tolerance for any bigotry, hatred or prejudice of any kind within the organization and will issue a formal resolution after its next meeting to that effect. … Fundamentally, as affirmed in the statement released by the Board on June 14th, MassCann vehemently reasserts its support for the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a statement we feel demands more than words on a page, and we commit to making that structural change going forward for the betterment of the cannabis community.

In October 2020 students at New England Law Boston sent a complaint to the American Bar Association. The substance of their complaint was that President John O’Brien and the Board of Trustees created and supported “an environment at New England Law Boston of ‘fear of retaliation, discrimination, and harassment of students.'” Included in their documented list of complaints is the fact that because of Racioppi’s presence on campus, students did not feel safe, identifying the following as reasons for fear: “founding and organizing an anti-LGBTQ white supremacist organization, for his close connections to many other white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups, and posts online depicting hatred and violence.” Click here to read the entire complaint.


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