Rayla Campbell

Rayla Campbell, a Black woman, waves and holds a "Rayla Campbell: Republican for Secretary of State" sign. She is wearing an American flag dress
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Rayla Campbell is a conservative radio host for WSMN Nashua. She ran for MA Secretary of State on the Republican ticket in the 2022 election and had previously run for House of Representatives. Her main political talking points focused on how the existence of books with trans and genderqueer characters is child pornography.

Rayla frequently attends “America Back the Blue” events. She has also disrupted Drag Queen Story Hour events. In 2020, the Trump campaign asked her to stop supporting their events due to physical threats she made against Mass GOP members.

Rayla Campbell, a Black woman, stands giving a speech at a podium. She is wearing a lanyard and a blue dress.
Rayla spoke at the Republican state convention, where she was criticized for saying, “Well, I don’t think it’s nice when they’re telling your five-year-old that he can go and suck another five-year-old’s dick.” She was referring to teaching sex ed and LGBT+ topics in schools.
Three images showing Rayla Campbell posing with various people at an anti-vax rally. She wears a sweatshirt saying, "QAnon, #WWG1WGA". The people she is with wear shirts saying, "Flu Mandate Fighter" and hold a "My Child My Choice" sign
Campbell is a QAnon supporter and anti-vaxxer.
Rayla, wearing a Thin Blue Line flag dress, poses with a police officer
Rayla at a “Back the Blue” event
Screenshot of a post from Rayla Campbell for Massachusetts: "I've got everyone calling Gender Queer ' child pornography' at this point. Look on Reddit, like 100,000 people thinking I got arrested or detained for possessing Gender Queer. Hilarious. This book is found in kids' sections in public libraries across this state and DIRECTS readers to KINK.COM, a kinky sex porn website with bondage, etc. It's insane! Oh, it's animated of course. (I never actually went into the website but the sign-in page is animated.) The images alone in this book are over-the-top obscene, never mind the grooming going on directing them to view porn and worse. Much, much worse folks! Remember, Dr. Seusss was banned? All that obscene Green Eggs and Ham messing with little kids' heads but I'm the monster for exposing this filth? Not buying it."
Rayla has made the book “Gender Queer” the rallying point of her campaign. Despite her claims, the book is not found in the children’s section of libraries.