Rise Against Tyranny

CORR members attack counterprotesters in a tight crowd
photo credit Jessica Rinaldi

Event Date: November 7, 2021

Organized by: Super Happy Fun America and Citizens Organized to Restore Rights (CORR)

Organizations Present:

White Supremacists/Fascists Present:

Key Takeaways/Facts:

  • CORR and SHFA attempted their first Boston-proper public demonstration since January 6
  • They attempted to keep building coalitions between overt white supremacists and anti-vaccine, anti-mask but less radicalized groups
  • Public exposure of white supremacists and misogynists in leadership split the participants into opposed camps
  • Panicked white supremacists destroyed their own equipment, damaged rented vehicles, and one was arrested
  • Specifically, Ronald McCarron drove the SHFA van into the crowd and through a police barricade
  • Antifascists successfully exploited these splits with direct counter demonstration, causing the event to break down
  • Antifascists significantly out numbered the CORR and SHFA white supremacist crowd
  • Boston Police Department did not provide the same level of security to white supremacists as usual
  • Mark Sahady, Samson Racioppi, and other key leaders revealed their animosity toward the police they claim to support


  • CORR and SHFA have not attempted Boston-based organizing since this action, shifting focus again to the suburbs and North Shore
  • Public humiliation of white supremacists and fracture in the set of people they are trying to organize and radicalize

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