Straight Pride Parade

Straight Pride Parade participants in USA and Trump themed clothes hold a blue and pink banner with a lion and lioness silhouette reading "It's Great to Be Straight"
photo credit USA Today

Event Date: August 31, 2019

Organized by: Super Happy Fun America

Organizations Present:

  • Super Happy Fun America

White Supremacists/Fascists Present:

Key Takeaways/Facts:

  • Super Happy Fun America emerged as a re-brand of Resist Marxism, which had been extensively reported upon for its openly white supremacist and fascist associations.
  • Thousands of counterprotesters dwarfed the comparatively small straight pride parade.
  • Boston Police Department (BPD) launched a police riot against counterprotesters, injuring dozens of people, deploying pepper spray and tear gas, using sirens as sonic weapons, driving motorbikes into crowds, and attacking medic stations.
  • BPD arrested 36 individuals, 34 counter-protesters. Judges Sinnot and Horgan refused to allow district attorneys to drop charges against protesters at first.
  • Straight Pride Parade was a media spectacle more than a coalition effort, representing a shift in local fascist organizing strategies.


  • The event cost Super Happy Fun America an enormous amount of money, and due to the chaos instigated by the police, they were unable to carry off a successful event.
  • As of this writing, they have not attempted to muster a large demonstration in Boston since then. However, 

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