Tara Patenaude

Patenaude, a white woman with chin length blonde hair, stands holding a "Blue Lives Matter" sign. She has a blue sweater and sunglases
Tara Patenaude at a “Back the Blue” rally

Tara Patenaude is an alt-right activist. She has been a member of Resist Marxism/Super Happy Fun America since 2017. She attended rallies on: “Straight Pride,” “Back the Blue,” and anti-vaccination.

Screenshot of a Facebook post advertising a "White Lives Matter" event in Tennessee with an exchange between TaraLou Patenaude and Bash Back Boston in the comments. Tara: "IT IS OKAY TO BE WHITE AND PROUD OF IT. Yes I am -- my family has spent CENTURIES fighting for your right to act like an imbecil." Bash Back: "Your ancestors spent centuries fighting to keep their boots on the necks of others. That time is over. Your white pride is embarrassing." Tara: "The fact that all nonwhites are hypocrites and don't think we have a right to be okay with being white is ridiculously racist in itself. Noone should have to be embarrassed because of their skin color. Actions are what matter. But you can get past race to have a nonbiased opinion."
Tara Patenaude: “It is ok to be white and proud of it”
Picture of Tara (a white woman with blonde hair) with Milo Yiannapolous (a tall young white man). Tara has a Straight Pride flag around her neck. Milo is wearing sunglasses and a "Make America Straight Again" hat
Tara at Super Happy Fun America’s “Straight Pride Parade” in August 2019 with right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopolous
Message from TaraLou Patenaude in a messenger group called "SHOW YO SEEELLLFFF!!!" saying, "And anyone fkn with Kyle and Chris are gonna have a fkn problem- dont fk with my boys. Big mistake.
Tara says neo-Nazi Chris Hood is “her boy”