Tyler Moody

Picture of Tyler Moody. He is white and has dark hair, glasses, a beard and mustache, and a tattoo on his hand.

Tyler Moody is 27 years old and lives in Pawtucket, RI. He is a neo-Nazi organizer and a member of the Nationalist Social Club. He has said that he was radicalized by the libertarian Boogaloo Movement. Tyler was likely involved with painting neo-Nazi graffiti in the Providence, RI, area. He owns firearms and has posted violent messages such as “gas the [redacted] hang the [redacted].”

Screenshot of a discord chat with an exchange between Tyler and Andrew Anagnorisis. Andrew: "Steel targets aren't too pricey, was looking recently, throw random tannerite behind paper targets for pizzaz." Tyler: "Haha sounds based. I think I need to work on my 131 more lol." Tyler shares a picture of graffiti he has painted saying "131" and "1488"
Tyler sharing pictures of neo-Nazi graffiti he had painted; “131” is for NSC-131 and “1488” refers to two militant white supremacist slogans.
Two images both showing NSC-131 standing in a line in public places. They are all dressed in black and wearing masks. In one image they are holding a banner that says "White Lives Matter", in the other they are holding a flag that says "131 ANTICOMMUNIST ANTICAPITALIST"
Tyler joining NSC standouts in Wakefield, MA (top) and at the Holocaust Memorial in downtown Boston (bottom).
Two images, both screenshots of discord conversations. The top screenshot shows two pictures shared by Tyler: a picture of a lynching and a picture of a "Federal N**** Hunting License" with the caption: "The only permit needed in USA". The bottom image shows a conversation between Tyler and another discord user. Tyler: "Ngl, I'd take some war brides." User: "I've often thought of war brides, but what does it cost the soul?" Tyler: "No chinese tho"
A sample of racist and violent messages Tyler has shared, including an image of a lynching (top) and the statement: “Ngl, id take some war brides…No chinese tho” (bottom).
Screenshot of a discord post Tyler made including an image of a gun pointed at the camera at the caption "Face Wall"
Tyler has also been vocal about owning firearms.