Nationalist Social Club

Asked about the terms used to describe his group — racist, white supremacist, and Nazi — [Chris] Hood said at one point, “If anyone calls me them, I don’t tell them they’re wrong.” At a different point during the interview, he said he does not think white people are inherently superior to anyone else. But when asked if he considered himself to be racist, he answered, “Sure.”

Danny McDonald, “A fairly devout group of Neo-Nazis.’ Local white supremacist group has been active in recent weeks”
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Nationalist Social Club (NSC or NSC-131) is a Neo-Nazi organization founded by Chris Hood. Relatively new, NSC mimics Patriot Front tactics of stickering, photo ops, banner drops, and joins other white supremacists at rallies or occasionally counter-protests racial justice events. NSC is active in a few areas across the US, but most frequently here in New England.

NSC at the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston 2021
Banner says: Diversity = Gang Violence

NSC embraces Nazi imagery (sometimes “ironically” as in their name, a play on “national socialist movement”) and openly espouses white supremacist ideas and policy goals. NSC’s creation also marks the steady shift to more blatant racism by individuals who were previously involved in Boston Free Speech and/or Super Happy Fun America/Resist Marxism.

NSC graffiti 2021
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