Nationalist Social Club – NSC 131

Nationalist Social Club logo, white on black background. Nazi lightning bolt "S" is mirror imaged to make the "N" and "S" which are enclosed by "C” and "131" is written in the center.
Black and white poster or flyer with text and logo. Logo is for the Nationalist Social Club, a black circle reading "Anticommunist, anticapitalist" and "131" with stylized "SS". Also has crossed out sickle and hammer and crossed out bag of money. Headline reads "White Men" and follows with "Black Lives Matter and Antifa communist terrorists are coming to your community soon to wreak havoc against white people. Organize your own local crew to protect your family and property! Contact for assistance."

Nationalist Social Club-131 (131 is alphanumeric code for “Anti communist action”) is a neo-Nazi group started in Massachusetts in November 2019. NSC was started by Chris Hood, a known Boston area fascist from Malden who has been involved in the far right since he was about 16. Before starting NSC, Hood was a member of numerous increasingly extreme far right groups, such as the Proud Boys, the neo-fascist group Patriot Front, and the neo-Nazi group The Base. NSC brands itself as a neo-Nazi street gang formed to combat Jewish people, leftists, and anyone they deem “anti-white”. Their goal is to create a white ethnostate in New England. Several of their members have recently been arrested for charges such as illegal weapons charges and child pornography, and other members have been formerly served jail sentences for hate crimes. NSC’s main form of “activism” is graffiti, vandalism, and banner drops, but they have also conducted several flashmob demonstrations in which they held up racist and white supremacist themed banners. While NSC is currently only based in New England, primarily Massachusetts and New Hampshire, they formerly had chapters across the globe including in Texas, Appalachia, Germany, Virginia, and Indiana.

Their public Telegram channel features extremely racist, misogynistic, and homophobic/transphobic content as well as anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and extreme stereotypes similar to those promoted by the original Nazis. They proudly identify with the original Nazis and other historical racists including the KKK. Like many on the far right, they are particularly fixated on trans and gender non-conforming people. The group is also anti-police, despite relying on the protection of police at many of their actions. They promote the beliefs that Jews control the government and media, the police side with antifa, parts of New England are overrun by Black and Hispanic gangs, and anyone who opposes Nazis is a Communist. They claim to be both anti-communist and anti-capitalist, a fascist concept known as the “third position.” They see themselves as the “White Defense Force” preparing to defend white people from these dangers, and believe being very visible with a very extreme message helps them attract new members. They see northern New England as an ideal hub for racist organizing because it is demographically the whitest part of the US, and see the anti-vax/anti-mask and anti-BLM movements as recruiting opportunities.

Boston 2022
NSC at the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston 2021
Banner says: Diversity = Gang Violence

NSC embraces Nazi imagery (sometimes “ironically” as in their name, a play on “national socialist movement”) and openly espouses white supremacist ideas and policy goals. NSC’s creation also marks the steady shift to more blatant racism by individuals who were previously involved in Boston Free Speech and/or Super Happy Fun America/Resist Marxism.

NSC graffiti 2021
Known members/affiliates: